日期:2009-05-23 1.Begin with a prayer. If you begin with a prayer, you can think more clearly and make fewer mistakes. 1.信仰有助于投資。如果你從祈禱開始,你就能想的更清楚,少犯錯誤。 2.Outperforming the market is a difficult task. The challenge is not simply makin... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-05-23 做商務的人,有些經濟名詞是不可不知的。下面是一個經濟名詞的小集合,看看你都知道了嗎? 1. air pocket 氣囊:指一種股票的顯而易見的極其虛弱性。 2. backdoor listing 后門上市:一家公司因其自身未能符合交易所上市規定,便買進一個上市公司,將自身并入其中而使... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-05-23 報盤還盤是貿易中價格交鋒的重點。這次我們就看來看看各種不同的報盤表達法。 We're willing to make you an offer at this price. 我們愿意以此價格為你報實盤。 We can offer you a quotation based on the international market. 我們可以按國際市場價格給您報價。... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-05-22 The savings deposit is a method of deposit that sets no limits on maturity date, time and amount of deposit or withdrawal. According to the different methods of deposit or withdrawal, there are four types of savings deposits: current passbook deposi... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-05-22 倫敦金融界行話(jargon)中有一種類似押韻俚語,很有意思。這些行話比起一般的押韻俚語更晦澀難解。例如: I asked him for a price of a Hawaii but he would only quote me in a lady. 局外人很難理解其真實含義。其中,Hawaii原義為夏威夷,但在此處代表的是fifty... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-05-22 7. Biotech stocks are really on fire today. 生物科技類股今天表現非常強勢。 Something is on fire 或是 Someone is on fire 都是老美口語上很喜歡用的講法, 指的是某件事銳不可擋或是指某人很厲害, 例如你今天去打棒球一共打出了三支全壘打, 那老美就會稱贊你說, Y... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-05-22 1. Dow Jones Industrial Average up 123.72 points. 道瓊工業指數上漲 123.72 點. 股價的漲跌最簡單的說法就是 up 和 down, 這兩個字可以當形容詞 (be 動詞+ up) 或是動詞 (up 前不加 be 動詞) 來用, 例如 Microsoft 股票漲了1.75美元, 老美就會說 Microsoft up 1 and... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-05-22 reserve 儲備 note 票據 discount 貼現 circulate流通 central bank 中央銀行 the Federal Reserve System 聯邦儲備系統 credit union 信用合作社 paper currency 紙幣 credit creation 信用創造 branch banking 銀行分行制 unit banking 單一銀行制 out of circulatio... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-05-22 division of labor 勞動分工 commodity money 商品貨幣 legal tender 法定貨幣 fiat money 法定通貨 a medium of exchange 交換媒介 legal sanction 法律制裁 face value 面值 liquid assets 流動資產 illiquid assets 非流動資產 the liquidity scale 流動性指標 real... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-04-11 There is only one story in the European press this week the turmoil that has engulfed world markets. A few weeks ago everyone was talking about the credit crunch. This rather cosy term has now been replaced in the press by financial crisis, reflecti... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-04-11 學習了匯票的制作后,我們用兩條實例來分析一下具體制作中的注意事項。 1. 如信用證規定This L/C is available with us by payment at 30 days after receipt of full set of documents at our counters,制作匯票時在付款期限欄只須寫:At 30 days after receipt of f... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-04-11 big macs,big/large-cap stock,mega-issue 大盤股 offering,list 上市 bourse 證交所 corporate champion 龍頭企業 Shanghai Exchange 上海證交所 pension fund 養老基金 mutual fund 共同基金 hedge mutual fund 對沖式共同基金 share 股票 valuation 股價 underwrite... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-03-31 要投資股票,不管是要交給股票經紀stock broker操作,還是要以散戶individual investor 的身份自行操盤,你都得先學會看懂上市公司在股市行情表stock index上的資訊。 現在我們就來看看股市行情表上一些英文簡寫的含義。第一個就是Sym,就是symbol的縮寫,是一種股票的... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-03-31 炒股失敗的,有的甚至傾家蕩產,還欠銀行的錢。Billy 就是一個不幸的倒霉蛋。這里還是要告訴大家:股市有風險,入市須謹慎。 Kelly: You'll never guess what happened! Jim: What? Tell me! Kelly: You know now I'm looking for a new home? Jim: Yeah. You said the... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-03-31 Kelly: Hey, Jim. Listen to this: I called Billy's home... Jim: And? Kelly: His number is no longer in service. Then I called his company... Jim: What did they say? Kelly: They said they gave him the boot months ago. Jim: Holy smokes! What's he doing... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-03-31 股市最紅火的時候幾乎是全民皆股,可自從去年調整印花稅以來,股市一直是動蕩不安,被套的股民數不勝數。他們見面最常聊的就是你的股票怎么樣了? Jim: Speaking of losing money, have you heard from Billy lately? Kelly: Not a peep. I haven't seen him since we... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-03-31 股市最紅火的時候幾乎是全民皆股,可自從去年調整印花稅以來,股市一直是動蕩不安,被套的股民數不勝數。他們見面最常聊的就是你的股票怎么樣了? Kelly: So, Jim, how has everything been with you? Jim: My stocks are losing a little bit, but it's nothing too s... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-03-27 我們在新聞報道中都聽說過股市的熊市和牛市,也知道股票投資是靠差價來賺錢的。下面這段對話將給您簡單又全面地介紹一下股市。 Julia: Would you tell me something about stock? Mike: Sure, what do you want me to start with? Julia: Uhh, you can start with the... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-03-27 在這個幾乎全民皆股的時代,怎樣選擇股票實在是個大問題。下面這篇文章為您稍作一下分析,希望對您有用。 When technical analysis is mentioned, people often think of analysts plotting price movements of stocks, drawing lines to find trends, support or resi... 閱讀全文>>

                  日期:2009-03-27 Stock market investment gives you the unique opportunity to take a direct part in the growth and success of companies. When you buy shares in a company, it means that you actually own a portion of that company. As part owner, you benefit by receivin... 閱讀全文>>

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