The Best One
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                  Blessed indeed is the man who hears many
                  gentle voices call him father!
                  Lydia M. Child

                  When I was a little girl, my father had a time-honored tradition of tucking me into bed. Following my bedtime story, he would give me a nose kiss, tickle1 my stomach and whisper the most wonderful words into my ear. “Michelle, of all the little girls in the whole wide world . . .” he would pause.

                  “ Yes, Daddy?”

                  “ How did your mommy and I get so lucky to get the best one?”
                  Before he had time to finish, I would say, “You got me!” And then he would continue, “The best little girl in the whole wide world, and we got you.”

                  “ You got me!” I would scream and clap.

                  “ Yes, you, Michelle, and we’re so lucky.” He would end with a bear hug and another kiss to my forehead.

                  Years passed and my father never missed a night, even when I thought he should have. After my basketball team was defeated, he came into my room.

                  “ Michelle, of all the basketball players in the whole wide world,” he paused.

                  “ Yes, Daddy?” I stared at the floor.

                  “ How did your mom and I get so lucky to get the best one?”

                  “ You didn’t.”

                  “ Of course we did, Michelle. We have you.”

                  “ But, Dad . . .”

                  “ Yes, you, Michelle, and we’re so lucky,” he cheered, as he gave me a high five followed by a bear hug and a kiss to my forehead. I thought becoming a teenager would end the ritual, but it didn’t.

                  “ Michelle, of all the teenagers in the whole wide world . . .” he would pause.

                  “ Dad, I’m too old for this,” I would sigh.

                  “ How did your mother and I get so lucky to get the best one?”

                  “ C’mon, Dad,” I grunted2.

                  “ We have you, Michelle, and we’re so lucky.” Then the embarrassing hug and kiss.

                  Following college, I became engaged. My father never missed a night to call or leave a message reminding me how special I was to him. I even wondered if he would continue calling after I got married, but he didn’t. The daily calls I had taken for granted all my life ended the day he died from cancer, only weeks before my wedding.

                  I deeply missed sharing the day with my father.

                  Standing3 behind the white church doors with my arm in my brother’s, I waited for the wedding march to begin. Before we began our descent down the aisle4, my brother reached inside his pocket and handed me an ivory napkin embroidered5 with pink ribbon. Inscribed6 were the words:

                  Of all the precious wives in the whole wide world, how did Mark get so lucky to marry the best one? He married you, Michelle, and he is so lucky! I am so proud of you, my little girl.


                  Without a doubt, it was the best wedding gift I received. One I would never forget. My father showered me with his gifts every day of his life. How did I get so lucky?


                  1 tickle 2Jkzz     
                  • Wilson was feeling restless. There was a tickle in his throat.威爾遜只覺得心神不定。嗓子眼里有些發癢。
                  • I am tickle pink at the news.聽到這消息我高興得要命。
                  2 grunted f18a3a8ced1d857427f2252db2abbeaf     
                  (豬等)作呼嚕聲( grunt的過去式和過去分詞 ); (指人)發出類似的哼聲; 咕噥著說
                  • She just grunted, not deigning to look up from the page. 她只咕噥了一聲,繼續看書,不屑抬起頭來看一眼。
                  • She grunted some incomprehensible reply. 她咕嚕著回答了些令人費解的話。
                  3 standing 2hCzgo     
                  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震過后只有幾幢房屋還立著。
                  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他們堅決反對對法律做任何修改。
                  4 aisle qxPz3     
                  • The aisle was crammed with people.過道上擠滿了人。
                  • The girl ushered me along the aisle to my seat.引座小姐帶領我沿著通道到我的座位上去。
                  5 embroidered StqztZ     
                  • She embroidered flowers on the cushion covers. 她在這些靠墊套上繡了花。
                  • She embroidered flowers on the front of the dress. 她在連衣裙的正面繡花。
                  6 inscribed 65fb4f97174c35f702447e725cb615e7     
                  v.寫,刻( inscribe的過去式和過去分詞 );內接
                  • His name was inscribed on the trophy. 他的名字刻在獎杯上。
                  • The names of the dead were inscribed on the wall. 死者的名字被刻在墻上。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
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